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Folks that have equilibrium problems or movement problems sometimes think it is hard to begin and stick to a fitness routine, even a moderate one. Gym equipment such as elliptical machines, stair steppers, and also treadmills call for a specific amount of adroitness and stability. Also, the moving belt that a motorised treadmill contains may be an issue for lots of folks. What many don't know is there is an exercise modality that allows the user to exercise in a reclined position. It could be that you have already been introduced to recumbent exercise bicycles. Were you aware that the trendy elliptical machine can be purchased in a recumbent style too? Read further for more info concerning this special machine, the SciFit Rex recumbent elliptical trainer.

Gym Equipment: Chief Aspects of the SciFit Rex Recumbent Elliptical Trainer

This unique machine combines the best features of an elliptical trainer with those of an exercise bicycle to deliver an effective cardiovascular workout whilst also toning and strengthening the lower body. Because the workout occurs in a reclined position, the machine is more accessible to a wide range of users. On a recumbent machine, it's possible to work muscle groups through a full range of motion without placing any undue stress or impact on the muscles and joints. These recumbent machines also work well in rehabilitation centres. Besides the relaxed position, this fitness machine gives a really flowing and natural motion which enforce appropriate extension and also flexion.

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Gym Equipment: Further Data Concerning the SciFit Rex

The seat on the Rex elliptical trainer features a low profile back that allows optimal torso rotation, which in turn fully recruits core muscles. It is additionally possible to fix in a swivel seat that moves 90 degrees right or left, so that it is great for people with confined flexibility or range of movement to climb on and off the machine. There is a perfectly engineered rail system that provides remarkably smooth motion. Unlike other types of gym equipment, the complete body workout of the SciFit Rex has absolutely natural motions for the legs (which is orbital motion) and the arms (which is an arcing motion). Furthermore, the Rex is equipped with well-constructed programmes, and the machine's bi-directional resistance guarantees reciprocal motions of pushing and pulling to balance out the workout perfectly.

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Gym Equipment: More High Points of the SciFit Rex Recumbent Elliptical

Power is extended to the equipment through a three phase generator that will charge an interior battery. The Rex's beginning RPM may be extremely low, making it great for rehabilitation, plus reconditioning. Its console display keeps up with these significant workout parameters; pulse, pace, speed, time, distance, calories, and also METs. The heart rate is gauged via contact sensors; furthermore, this elliptical works well with many heart rate measuring systems. The equipment will endure a maximal user weight of around 200kg. It measures 185 x 71 x 140cm (L x W x H). It has a weight of 136kg. Lastly, there is a 3 year parts warranty, and a 1 year labour warranty. Expect to pay about £2800 for this machine.

This SciFit Rex recumbent elliptical machine is a well-put-together item of gym equipment which has got a distinctive, but successful design.

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